We worship in a church building distinguished by its tall, sloping roof, large
picture windows, and redwood siding.


Inside our sanctuary is a colorful display of banners hung between the
redwood beams.  Works of art painted by our parishioners and picture
collages of our activities line the walls of the narthex.  Because all the
furnishings, including the organ and pews, are movable, we can rearrange
the sanctuary in several different patterns.



In this setting, we conduct an informal but structured worship service, all of
which is written out in the bulletin.  The first of three parts, “Gathering to
Worship,” is followed by “Listening to the Word of God” and “Responding to
the Word of God.”  Church members may participate in the service by
reading Bible passages, presenting dramatic sketches, or even leading
discussions, and the youth of the church assist at worship one Sunday a

After the service, members of the congregation and guests gather in a
comfortable setting for coffee or tea, a snack, and a time of fellowship.